Though Apple lacks an official company account on Twitter, it has today launched an Apple Support account aimed at providing tips and tutorials and answering customers’ questions.

Apple Support, which has the familiar ‘Verified Account’ blue tick indicating that it’s genuinely Apple behind the tweets, has already tweeted a tip for turning lists into checklists in the Notes app on iOS.


The account’s description also welcomes questions – and, indeed, the account is currently accepting Direct Messages. It has also been taking several customer queries through public tweets. However, given Apple’s great secrecy, we can’t imagine Apple Support giving you a straight answer if your ask about rumored future Apple products like the iPhone 7 and the Apple car…

Despite the continued absence of an official company account, Apple remains well-represented on Twitter. There are accounts for specific products and services, including the App Store, Apple Music and Beats 1, while various Apple executives, among them Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue, have personal accounts.

The Apple Support account can now be followed through the Twitter handle @AppleSupport.

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