Best Restaurants in India


When you delve into the history of Indian cuisine, it will soon become clear that the country has a diversified food culture. While most westerners know Indian cuisine by a few curries and some traditional favorites, the typical Indian food is much more beyond the familiar favorites. While some Indian regions are heavily influenced by immigrant food cultures, many Indian states and cities proudly offer all foodies their typical regional taste through a hearty Indian meal. There is no better way to enjoy some traditional fare by taking a food-inspired tour of the country. Here are our nine top restaurant recommendations in India.

Bukhara, Delhi:

Bukhara, Delhi

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Start your culinary expedition in India right from the country’s vibrant capital city. This iconic restaurant in ITC Maurya offers an inviting and regal setting for guests to sit back, relax and enjoy some traditional culinary delights. A meal at Bukhara is not just about food, but it is all about the experience. The menu features many delicious Indian curries, rice dishes and sides. What makes Bukhara so popular is its famous charcoal smoke infused Daal Bukhara. This creamy lentil dish is a must-have here.

Peshawari, Mumbai:

Peshawari, Mumbai

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Without a doubt, the Peshawari in Mumbai serves some of the best Indian dishes for foodies like you. The restaurant’s rustic stone interiors, traditional decors and elaborate menu printed on the wooden blocks give a feel of an imperial palace. Food is served here on earthen pots and clay dishes, which was once a tradition in India. The menu features some traditional north-Indian meals, Awadhi delights and many innovative dishes from the chef’s special menu. The highly acclaimed dish is Sikandari Raan, a palate pleasing meat dish served with a few sides.

Villa Maya, Trivendrum:

 Villa Maya, Trivendrum

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When you visit different regions in India, you will be surprised to find how different their food cultures are. The food at Villa Maya will give you a hint of Kerala cuisine, which boasts a hint of coconut oil, freshly ground spices, tangy flavors and usage a variety of condiments. The elegant ambiance of the restaurant resembles an 18th century Dutch manor. The menu, however, has some seafood and meat dishes known for their robust flavors. Try the traditional Kerala style fish curry and sambar at Villa Maya.

Agashiye, Ahamadabad:

 Agashiye, Ahamadabad

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Located in the capital city of Gujurat is this colorful Indian restaurant. The restaurant’s interiors resemble a traditional palace in the Western India. Just like its interesting interiors, the menu at Agashiye is enticing and elaborate. You will find some of the best traditional Gujurati thalis here. A Gujurati thali consists of many dishes served in small bowls and arranged beautifully on a large plate. The chef and his team always try to keep the recipes traditional so that guests can enjoy authentic and delicious Gujurati meals here.

Indian Accent, Delhi:

Indian Accent, Delhi

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Don’t be surprised to see another Delhi restaurant on the list. Indian Accent does deserve a place in the top nine restaurants in India. At this restaurant, you will find a progressive Indian menu that brings together many regional dishes and highlights each dish by its flavor, texture and combination of food pairings. They have a special tasting menu as well.

Pinch of Spice, Agra:


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This small town restaurant gives a big surprise when it comes to food. When you are visiting Agra for a trip to the iconic Taj Mahal, stop by the Pinch of Spice for a meal. The restaurant offers a wonderful dining experience and a menu with a smorgasbord of dishes to choose from. Try their Mughlai meat dishes and special Awadhi cuisine.

Koi, Goa:

Koi, Goa

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Goa, the ultimate beach town in India, is also known for its unique cuisine and food culture. The local food scene here is strongly dominated by the Malwani and Konkani culinary roots with a hint of international cuisine too. While the menu at Koi features many Asian inspired dishes, the winner dishes are the traditional turmeric glazed meat, tamarind spiced crab and traditional Goan biryanis.

Malaka Spice, Pune:

Malaka Spice, Pune

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This casual dining joint in Pune may not give you a world-class ambiance or a regal setting for a date night. But the food here will sure to impress. The all-weather al-fresco seating offers a friendly and convivial venue for guests to enjoy traditional Marathi seafood dishes, duck dumplings and some chef’s special dishes.

Khyber, Mumbai:


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If you are still interested to try another restaurant in Mumbai, then stop by the Khyber. This Afghani inspired restaurant offers a menu with many traditional clay oven roasted meat and vegetarian dishes. If you want some recommendations, then go for their spice glazed achari tikka and keema naan.

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