A sedentary lifestyle can weaken your core muscles and make room from back pain. Sitting for too long can deactivate your core muscles, making your backbone the core of support for basic movement. Studies revealed that back pain patients reported sitting for long hours, with no breaks or movement. Over 21% of the patients said they sat for over 7 hours while 32% sat for over 5 hours and about 26% sat for 3-4 hours. It was reported that the average sitting time was over 5 hours, which was enough to weaken the glutes and core muscles over a period of time. Sitting for long also leaves you prone to overeating and other problems like varicose veins, due to poor circulation and poor digestion.
Take small breaks in between work hours to take a walk or perform desk exercises that will maintain circulation and prevent soreness. Indulge in yoga, correct your posture and take a break every 1-2 hours if possible, it will help reverse the effects of your desk job.

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