105 year Old Man Becomes World’s Oldest Competitive Sprinter

105-year-old Hidekichi Miyazaki of Japan has set new record as the world’s oldest competitive sprinter after running a 100-meter-dash in 42.22 seconds.


The race took place one day after the centenarian’s birthday, and he told reporters he was disappointed in his time, as he had clocked a 36-second sprint during his training.

Miyazaki is known as “The Golden Bolt” for his penchant for mimicking Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s signature pose, and Miyazaki has said his goal is to challenge the current 100-meter record holder to a race.

The geriatric go-getter did not take up running until he was in his 90’s and also held the world record for fastest 100-meter dash in the 100+ age group with a 34.10 he ran at age 103, although that number was recently eclipsed by 100-year-old Donald Pellman, who recently broke the 27-second barrier.

Source: http://www.si.com/