Celebrating with Style, and Ease

With these party planning tips, you can ensure maximum enjoyment for guests and hosts alike.


There’s always a good reason to celebrate. Whether it is a fall harvest party or a birthday party, the tips below will help you make any occasion enjoyable for you and your guests.

Keep it simple

  • Having company over should be fun, not stressful.
  • Look for dishes that are easy to make. Forget about making dishes whose main ingredient is the one you’re always missing – time.
  • Prepare a few dishes ahead of time so you don’t have to spend the evening in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying themselves.
  • Try to follow this Golden Rule: aim for coherence in your menu but don’t repeat the same flavours and ingredients. You will have diversity but no dish will seem out of place. For example, if your main dish is Thai, serve a Thai dessert.

Have the essentials on hand

Make sure you have enough of the ingredients needed but also of the classics such as milk or ice creamfor kids, tea, coffee, etc.

Give it your own style

Don’t have a festive tablecloth for the occasion? Add seasonal flowers, fruits or vegetables to the table to give it an air of opulence. A word of caution though; a few carefully arranged decorative items can have a greater impact than a haphazard scattering of objects. It’s best to avoid cluttering the table so that the true star of the buffet – the food – can shine through. To change ambience, explore with the lighting. It’s amazing how only slight changes can transform a room or garden.

Add a touch of elegance

To give your buffet a more elegant look, simply raise certain items, such as a cheese platter or the flower arrangement of your choice, by placing them on a pedestal. If you don’t have a footed serving dish, make pedestals by placing cardboard boxes or containers upside down and covering them with a piece of decorative fabric.

Get the kids involved

Get your children, nieces and nephews involved by assigning them pleasant jobs like welcoming guests, putting away coats and boots, serving appetizers, helping to set the table, and so on. If you’re planning to have a kids’ table, put some disposable cameras in the centre – they’ll have tons of fun immortalizing these precious moments. Don’t forget to set up a special area with a TV, videos and games, so they can keep busy while you’re still enjoying your food. For those who prefer to have everyone around the same table, forget the extended five-course menu. Go for a simple meal served on a festive table – a fun way to keep the kids’ tummies satisfied!

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